Artist : Narrator: Harry Wong

Join our Pro Arte Classic Fantasy concert with Harry Goh Goh.

Narrator: Harry Wong

Harry Wong (A.K.A. Harry Goh Goh) is well known among children and adults for his humourous personality and amazing magic. Music and magic has been part of his life since young, and with these gifts, Harry determines to use his talents to serve the community and brings joy to the public through all kinds of media.

After completing his studies in music education and commercial music at University of Liverpool, he started off his career as a musician and a teacher. He is the Fellowship of Trinity College, London on recorder (F.T.C.L) and a member of the European Recorder Players’ Society.

He is one of the leading specialists in the local music education field. His series of music textbooks, Music Today, and his recorder methods have been widely adopted by primary schools throughout Hong Kong with significant contribution to all music students and teachers.

Harry’s original compositions and Cantonese interpretations of Rick Scott songs are available on the CD album The 5 Elements. This album has won the 2004 North American Parenting Publications Gold Award and the 2004 Parents’ Choice Award in USA.

Harry had his first Children T.V. Programme with Radio Television Hong Kong in 1986. After 4 series, he joined the newly formed Metro-Broadcast in 1991 as bilingual DJ, promoted as channel director for FM Select in 1996 and continues to be a Children TV Program Host for TVB, ATV, and i-Cable Kids Channel.

Harry has been a performing guest for Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and regularly producing new shows for family audience of Hong Kong, Macau, Britain, Canada and Germany, etc. He is also a prolific M.C. and entertainer for corporate events which brings him to different parts of the world. His recent highly advocated theatre work: “The 5 Elements”, “Mad House Party”, “My dad is a Magician 1&2”,"The Trick Brain”, “Kids’ Rock”, “Ball Ball Show”etc.

Harry is the founder of programme “Healing-Magic” (2001) which he shares his magic with occupational therapist and apply the art of magic and hypnosis for therapeutic uses.

Harry’s passion to bring joy to the world has guided him into becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the KIDO TOWN, an educational organization for the young.

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Harry曾獲邀擔任香港管弦樂團、香港舞蹈團、香港中樂團的表演嘉賓。現除了定期為香港、澳門、英國、加拿大、德國等地的觀眾設計及推出老少咸宜的表演外,他亦經常為各地大型活動擔任司儀和表演者,藝蹤處處。 舞台近作有:《五行欠玩》、《無嗰樣‧變嗰樣》、《我爹爹係魔術師1及2》、《腦筋斗》、《兒歌勁BAND SHOW》、《波波騷》、《魔力時計》等,均獲得一致好評。

Harry 除了作台上演出外,也是一項名為「變出彩虹」的魔術治療計劃的創辦人,活動內容包括與職業治療師合作,指導殘疾人士玩魔術,以達到治療功效。

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Excerpt from Rossini's Semiramide Overture, performed by Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong, conducted by Ho-Man Choi